Welcome to our Progress Report 2021

We started the year 2021 in the midst of serious Covid-19 concerns for our families, friends and colleagues, and with much work ahead on strengthening resilience and the earthquake recovery. However, it is important to remind ourselves of our achievements: supporting the Covid-19 vaccine rollout in the country; being one of the first countries within the UN system to receive and implement the Covid-19 vaccine programme for staff and partners; addressing the multi-dimensional impact of Covid-19 to protect the needs and rights of people living under the duress of the pandemic; rebuilding after the earthquake with focus on the most vulnerable groups, and people who risk being left behind—from textile factories to small farm holders; the wonderful new schools constructed and small businesses supported; initiatives conducted with youths, refugees and asylum seekers to further support their causes; marathons run; contributions to hundreds of remarkable actions in the #16DaysofActivism to end violence against women; the holding of exchange events with the Albanian diaspora; and a renewed focus on private sector partnerships that saw agreements signed to accelerate action on Sustainable Development Goal implementation.

UN House
UN House


The years 2021 and 2022 are very important as we have developed and will implement together our next Cooperation Framework for Albania for the period 2022–2026, aligned closely with the government’s priorities. Together with government, we are committed to assisting all Albanians in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, an ambition inextricably linked to the EU integration agenda. We have proudly continued to develop cooperation in a wide variety of areas, strengthening democratic institutions, improving the business climate, closing gender gaps, improving health and labour standards, increasing access to equitable and quality basic services, increasing public access to information, environmental protection and disaster preparedness, reducing disparities, expanding education and the rights of children, and promoting human rights in general while reaching out to those left behind the furthest. We celebrated the 75th anniversary of UNICEF and also applauded 30 years of success of the UNDP programmes in Albania. And much, much, more.


On behalf of the Government of Albania and the entire UN Country Team in Albania, we express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our partners for their contribution alongside our joint efforts to support the country’s priorities in 2021. Given the current challenges we face, multilateralism is not an option but a necessity as we build back better and greener for a more equal, more resilient and more sustainable world. The solidarity and sense of shared responsibility we have witnessed this year gives us reasons to be optimistic for a more peaceful and prosperous 2022 for all.

With all-hands-on-deck we can advance the Sustainable Development Goals for all Albanian people!

UNCT Albania

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