Financial Overview and Resource Mobilization

UNSDCF for 2022 had an available budget of USD 94 million, with core resources of USD 6 million (6%) and mobilised resources of USD 88 million (94%). The large proportion of non-core resources highlights the importance of local resource mobilisation. By year end, the programme had reached a delivery rate of 62 percent, with the balance carried over into 2023. Annex B presents the Albania SDG Acceleration Fund, its role in UNSDCF implementation and progress with associated joint programmes.

financial overview
Figure 1. Budget and delivery (USD), January to December 2022

Outcome 1 and Outputs 1.2 and 1.4 lead in terms of budgetary contributions, focusing on implementing school reconstruction following the earthquakes and Covid-19 support initiatives.

Figure 2. Outcome delivery (USD million), 2021

Regarding implementation of Joint Projects, out of the nine projects under implementation in 2022, two are implemented under Outcome 1, three under Outcome 2 and one each under Outcome 3 and Outcome 4.

Figure 3. Output delivery (USD million), 2021

In terms of UN agencies contribution to the Cooperation Framework, UNDP weighs in at 52 percent of the 2022 budget, followed by UNOPS at 26 percent and UNICEF, 7 percent, while the other UN agencies contribute two percent or less.

Figure 4. UN Agencies Contributions to the Cooperation Framework, 2022